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Pyramid of Human Needs

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Our Holistic Planetary Blueprint Requires
Holistic Planetary Solutions

Another Way of Life and
 World is Possible

Human beings are Created to Invent, Create and Innovate in Complete Harmony with the Earth and the Earth's own Energies and Systems

"Do No Harm" is a Guiding and Key Principle in any Good, True,
Beautiful and Right System











Natural Health

Definition:  A practice that proactively works to assist the body in warding
 off illnesses and degenerative diseases;

Method:  Proactive and is Illness and Disease Prevention

How it Sees the Body:  As a holistic model of an amazing, miraculous and
 wondrous functioning network of self-healing, synergistic capabilities
 with a highly powerful and effective natural immune system;

How it Treats the Body:  Through high grade / highest quality natural
 supplements, organic foods, natural solutions, remedies and
 right choices that are in harmony with the whole body
 and the Earth
, while mitigating the harmful
 effects of the external environment;

Its Side Effects:  None;

Its After effects:  Good, vibrant, overflowing and abundant health,
  energy and well being as the propellant for a quality,
 purposeful and meaningful life;

How it began:  With All the ancient Wisdom civilizations of Humankind, including
 the ancient Greek (West) and Vedic (East) that had the scientifically,
 integrated, holistic view of the Human being in the natural
 context of the Universe, the Earth, the Human mind,
 the individual, the soul, character,
 ethics, and health.

Its true Motivation:  From the Socratic injunction:  "Know Thyself"

in order that you may discover that you are not mere machine
 nor mortal of the physical dimension for that matter,
 but have depths that go far beyond to the
  eternal and timeless and
 the miraculous. 

Getting to greater depths of the Human being's "being" is achieved through the
 integrated and Holistic view of life
as the Ancient civilizations, through
 their wisdom, ethics, moral thought and metaphysical philosophy,
 have given to Enlighten Humankind's thought and
 knowledge for a life worth living
 in the ultimate Greater
 Purpose of a higher

Honor the Body, as It Honors You

The Internal Workings of the Human Body Match the Natural
 Health Model of a Highly Self-Aware, Miraculous
 Healing Organism

Able to Do All That it it Does on the Foundational

The Importance of
High Grade Natural
 Health Supplements

Our Soils no Longer Contain the Nutrients we Need in our Food to Prevent Illness
 and Disease and to stay Well and Healthy and Allow the Body
 to Do All that it Does throughout our Life Time

What Happened?

"Our Immunity Very Much Parallels
 the Immunity of the Land" 
Empty Harvest by Dr. Jensen

Soil Depletion

America's Soils are the Worst in the World!

Vitamins Don't Work without Minerals, and
Mineral Deficiency Linked to Every Disease and Sickness

There is a Widespread and Increasing Deficiency of
 Vitamin D in World Populations which Leads to Chronic Disease and Cancer

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